omg… studying is so hard with my parents here. i have a month and a half till my exam but i feel like i dont’ know any more than i did when i took it the first time.


you can do iiitttttttttttttt

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. ~David Brinkley

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. ~David Brinkley


What used to be

Smile, giggles, laughter, pure happiness

The feeling of a high only brought on by the chemical reaction we call love,

Running so deep in my veins that I never wanna know another feeling

Then it hit me…

Frown, tears, cries, pure sadness

The emotions that constantly rages in me

Reminds me of what we used to be,

See I used to think I had God’s plan for me figured out

but little did I know that He was in the process of changing my plans.

Then I pause and think…the feeling of

Anger, disappointment, betrayal

Things I never thought I would associate with you,

Because what used to be,

Was the epitome of perfection,

A mural of life’s great gifts,

from him to me…

but now its all about what used to be.



Have you ever been in a situation where you think its too good to be true? Trust me it probably is. Ever thought that your man is the epitome of perfection and that he could never do any wrong? Well he’s not perfect and he is, will almost and always do something wrong.

I am a firm believer in being an honest person. Being honest with yourself and others! Being honest with yourself is the first policy. If you can lie to yourself, make yourself believe untruthful scenarios, stories, and etc in life it becomes fairly easy for you to lie to other people. Hence making every relationship/encounter a big fat lie! Those who know me personally and truly know me, will tell you that I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Once I establish that level of comfortability, it becomes fairly easy for me to open up, trust and believe the other person; which has been proven to be a weak characteristic of my personality.

To have someone you trusted, cared for, loved, and was in love with lie to you is the most hurtful thing EVER. Its not about the heart break, or the hurt, it is realizing that everything you had and believed could possibly be a lie. A wise man once said “Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess, and yet all the honesty in the world ain’t lawful tender for a loaf of bread.” (Josh Billings)

Being honest should not be days labor. Try it

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